Colleen Lochausen
Spirit Horse Dreaming
    It has been said there is something unique about the bond between a girl and her horse.  It’s a heart thing.  Colleen Lochausen has realized her lifelong dream of blending her love for her horses with her remarkable artistic talent.  Her passion for both shine through in her creations. Growing up in the West, starting with a ranch horse straight off the open range in Idaho, she has never been without a horse at the end of her rope and dwelling in her heart.  Every day her life experience is a wonderful time share between enjoying the horse and the work their care requires and the clay that begs her to mold it into the spirit of the horse.

    Many artists simply capture the appearance of a horse.  When Colleen creates an equine sculpture, her lifelong experiences handling, grooming, training, and competitively riding and truly living everyday with her horses empowers her to capture far more.  Looking closely at one of her sculptures, you feel the power of the horse’s movement, the horse’s concentration and determination, as well as the free rhythmical flow of the mane and tail through the air and the power and warmth of its breath.  She captures her experiences of the horse that are stored in her heart and mind and brought forward in a three dimensional essence of the spirit of the horse.  What she lives, her art captures and releases for the rest of us to experience.  She credits her success to living, breathing, and experiencing her horses at the deepest levels and the inspiration gathered from her horses’ beauty and display of their spirit.  Living in beautiful southern Maryland, Colleen and her husband operate VCL Flying Horse Farm, where they are building a small herd of true quality straight Spanish Arabian Sport horses.

HMA Maleenda (aka Mindy) & Lilly